Aimee Allen Music Video Los Angeles Movie Awards Winner


LOS ANGELES September 26, 2011 – Nino Del Padre is thrilled to announce that the Aimee Allen “Calling The Maker” music video has just won two awards at the prestigious Los Angeles Movie Awards 2011. The video was competing in the music video category and won the Award for “Best Production Design” as well as an “Award of Excellence”

Director Nino Del Padre’s dark, Gothic video for US singer-songwriter Aimee Allen mirrors the twisted stark soundtrack of the single “Calling The Maker” from her album A Little Happiness.

The Los Angeles Movie Awards mission is to celebrate Independent Motion Picture and Literary Arts by providing a platform for filmmakers and writers to have an opportunity to be awarded for their work.

About Aimee Allen

Anybody can have their “rock,” “punk” or “folk” phase—real artists transcend boundaries and genres so gracefully that their fans hardly blink an eye. Aimee Allen is that type of songwriter. The explosive, outspoken voice behind modern rock monsters “Revolution” and “If It Feels Right” (not to mention contributions to the Grammy-nominated Hairspray soundtrack and multiple best-selling, critically-acclaimed artists) unveils a more serene side of her personality on A Little Happiness. Despite her decision to record the album in the depths of a desolate Indiana winter, Happiness radiates her sense of home in the California sunshine—its 11 introspective, largely acoustic tracks conjure the simple bliss of a drive down to the Pacific.

About Nino Del Padre

Nino Del Padre is a cinematography pro with more than two decades of experience. He’s worked with a wide range of clients, including NASA, LEGO, Deftones, and Netflix. Nino is always pushing the limits of what’s possible in his field, and his work has been recognized with over 20 industry awards.