Autodesk Fake or Foto? Photographs or Del Padre CGI?

fake foto
Today we’re presented with images in movies, on TV, and in the press that are of such good quality we don’t even think to consider whether the picture is of something that exists in reality or if it was generated by computer software. Movies can be considered as being at the high-end of the range of uses for computer generated imagery that mimics real-life, but there are many more day-to-day examples that challenge our ability to tell what’s real and what’s not.

You will look at ten images. Some of them are photographs of real objects or scenes, others are created by computer graphics (CG) artists. Test your ability to tell which among the array of images are real, and which are CG. If you want a closer look, click the image to see a larger view of the picture. Once you’ve decided what’s what, click either CG or REAL to begin the tally of your score. Work through each of the ten images. When you’ve finished, you’ll be prompted to get your score.

Spend a few minutes with our reality check and see if you can tell the difference…

take check

Nino Del Padre