Interactive Music Video for Bob Dylan Is a Must Watch!

Interactive Music Video

Interactive Music Video

The interactive music video for Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone, it’s a collection of many different “channels” all playing at once (including one of Dylan himself), which can be switched at anytime by the user or will switch automatically. The video was created with the help of Interlude and their Treehouse software.

I’m sure it helps that this interactive music video is for Bob Dylan, but what really sells the interactive aspect is that most of the channels have very recognizable TV stars playing themselves while singing the lyrics to the song. The shows on the channels within the video are even shot exactly the same way the real shows are. It’s a little bit like aliens have taken over the airwaves and brainwashed everyone to singe Like a Rolling Stone, but it’s near-perfect execution is even more obvious when you watch the video without any sound.

Interactive videos are nothing new, but if you watch any of the other videos created with the help of Interlude, it becomes clear that this technology is finally here in a real way. Keep an eye out for Del Padre’s first interactive music video!

“The effect can only be surrealistic if the channels are realistic,” says Vania Heymann, the video’s 27-year-old Israeli director. “In reality, channel-flipping is a very passive act. You’re sitting back in your house, doing nothing. We wanted to make it an active thing, reediting the song itself to make a new version.”

The video took about two months to put together. It’s an hour and fifteen minutes of content if you watch every channel from top to bottom,” Heymann points out. It’s like a feature film inside a five-minute music video. While Heymann shot some channels in California (The Price Is Right, for example) and the tennis match was filmed in Israel (so he could recruit friends to be in the crowd), most of the filming was done in and around New York. One suburban house served as the backdrop for five different channels on the same day, including the home shopping network, the history channel, and the cooking show.

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