FWA – All the Way

The FWA (Favourite Website Awards) is well-known among Web and multimedia communities — its site welcomes 44,000 visitors a day and maintains a Google page rank of eight, in addition to listing some of the newest, ground-breaking Web sites on the Internet – not to mention updating that list daily.


Nino Del Padre’s own site has received an FWA nod in the past, as has its client Robert Charles Photography. However, now the spotlight is on us in a different way.


A piece we wrote is currently the featured article at the FWA, looking at some of the innovative SEO-for-Flash things we’re doing at delpadre.com and how it’s made us one of the most searchable Flash sites on the Internet.


As part of the article, we spoke to Rostislav Hristov, creator of SWFAddress — one of the tools we used when relaunching delpadre.com in June, 2008.


“[Del Padre] started developing their new site from scratch, and ended up with a solid base that can be extended even more in the future,” Hristov said of delpadre.com’s redesign.


We tend to agree.