“A Schoolgirl’s Day” has been selected as BEST MUSIC VIDEO at the Vegas Movie Awards™

Mike Patton & Jean-Claude Vannier "A Schoolgirl's Day" Music Video

⚜️Award of Excellence⚜️
~November 2020 Edition~

“A collaboration between French composer-arranger Jean-Claude Vannier (best known for his influential orchestration of Serge Gainsbourg’s classic Histoire de Melody Nelson) and Faith No More/Mr. Bungle frontman Mike Patton is something that needed to happen.

I spent a few days brainstorming and I had the track on loop while surfing the web for inspiration when I remembered a 1962 low-budget classic, Carnival of Souls. While watching parts of the movie with the song playing, I knew I had something that might work.

After spending some time editing a demo, I realized that this was going to work better than I thought, and I had something special.

It’s almost as if the film was created for this song. The plot follows Mary Henry (Candace Hilligoss), a young woman whose life is disturbed after a car accident. The film has been named as a precursor to the works of various filmmakers, including David Lynch, George A. Romero, Lucrecia Martel and James Wan.”
Directed by @ninodelpadre
Authors/Perfomers @officialmikepatton @jean_claude_vannier
Producer @ninodelpadre @ipecacrecordings
Congratulations to all the Staff the Crew!

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