Tech Talk: Del Padre Tapped to Review the Redrock microMatteBox


Mark Archer, Nino Del Padre’s creative director, is featured in the latest issue of Studio Monthly magazine, where he was called upon to review the Redrock microMatteBox for the publication’s ROI Reviews section. He used the piece of equipment on a recent music video shoot in Detroit, Mich.
“We’ve been using Redrock Micro products for some time,” he says. “When we heard they were offering a universal mattebox, we decided to try one along with our new RED ONE camera.”
Archer explains that matteboxes are integral to shooting with high-end rigs like the RED ONE, because lens hoods are often inadequate.
“Often, they are just not large enough to do the job well,” he says. “You can bring plenty of gobos and put up light blocks, but this takes time and grips to keep things moving on the shoot. And if you’re using a system with interchangeable lenses, time becomes even more of an issue.”
The review is in the December 2008 issue of Studio Monthly, and is also available online. In addition to providing an overview of use, ratings, and troubleshooting while using the microMattebox, Archer also shot his own photos of the apparatus for the magazine.